Harry Calls Pakistan to Say He's Sorry

The third in line to the British throne is understood to have yesterday phoned Ahmed Raza Khan directly in Pakistan to "clear the air" over the matter.

It was the first time they had spoken since their training in 2006.

A home video leaked to the British press on Sunday showed the prince during a training exercise three years ago, joking with Sandhurst Military College colleagues and referring to the now Captain Khan as "our little Paki friend".

He on goes on to describe a Caucasian colleague as looking like a "raghead", another derogatory term.

Prince Harry's move to apologise comes after days of intense debate in Britain about racism in society and fears his remarks would deter non-Anglo-Saxons from joining the armed forces.

It also comes a day after Captain Khan's family condemned the remarks.

During the telephone call, set up by a mutual friend, Lt Khan is said to have accepted the prince's apology and explanation that it was not meant as offensive and was said in jest.

The prince has already issued a public apology.

He is also now expected to be given a dressing-down by his commanding officer Lt Colonel Harry Fullerton.

A source close to the prince said yesterday: "Since the footage came to light, Harry's main concern has been that he may have offended a friend."

But the source said the two had worked closely together for a year during training and still have a mate in common.

The mutual friend had already spoken to both Harry and Captain Khan when the row erupted.

It was this mutual friend who helped the two of them to get back in touch.

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